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About Us

Sri Lanka Tourism Licensed Tourist Facilitator.

(One and Only Sri Lanka Tourist Board Licensed Yala Safari Tour Operator)

Journey of Ajith Safari

We first initiated our operations in 1987 as a brand that provided exclusive safari services in Yala. Since then we have grown over 35 years to become one of Sri Lanka’s leading safari providers that specialize in custom-made small group safaris in multiple locations around the island.

Our vehicles and driver guides have all been upgraded and made better over the years.

Currently we offer front facing four-wheel drives that are fitted with special pop-up windows and high-quality recovery equipment. This ensures that our customers can get breathtaking views of the wild habitats that they choose to explore and take striking photographs without any hassle.

Our driver guides who are all fluent in English are those who have received comprehensive training and gathered decade’s worth of experience. Their knowledge on the game animals, roads and the local cultures is unmatched. At the same time, they have the ability to ensure your safety during the safari due to their expert knowledge on driving through any kind of terrain.

Over the years we have had the privilege of enabling people from all parts of the world to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka. Our entire journey has been defined by our passion to delivers high quality, memorable service to our customers. Thus, going forward our commitment to our customers would remain unchanged as we strive harder to further enrich our service offering.

Why travel with Ajith Safari

We understand that choosing the ideal Safari partner is an important decision that would impact your entire experience in the wilderness.

In the present day the options are ample. However, we provide a service that is unlike any other.


Over 35 years of experience

Experience means everything in the safari business. The extensive number of years that we have spent exploring the wild habitats of Sri Lanka and allowing others to enjoy their beauty has made us an expert in the task.


Comprehensive service

Our services don’t merely start at the National Park you visit. Instead, we offer to pick and drop you from your place of accommodation. We also offer special picnic packages for those who prefer to have a meal inside the park. We even provide extended safari offers which allows you to further enrich your experience.


Hassle free online booking

Getting in touch with us is a simple task. You can make your booking online and pay by credit card to secure our services. This ensures that you can directly communicate with us and that you are certain of what you are paying for.