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Garden to Table

Indulge in wholesome meals prepared with freshly harvested local produce. This experience is ideal for those who are craving to taste the goodness of a real Sri Lankan meal.

Connect with the locals

Sri Lankan people are celebrated for their warmth and hospitality. Through this experience we take you to spend time with the locals in our country in order to get a glimpse of their lifestyle and share in their joys and struggles.


Bird watching tours around major tanks in and around Tissamaharama

You will get the chance to walk around the beautiful Dagoba’s around the area’s key tank ecosystems. These areas are abundant with a large variety of water birds including migrants. The tanks you will cover include Tissa, Weetawaila, Pannegamuwa and Yoda tank. You can spend 5 to 6 hours watching these birds in their natural habitat and capture beautiful photographs of the species against a stunning backdrop.

Kirinda beach

You can enjoy a half day tour to Kirinda beach and the Kirinda temple. Kirinda is a quaint village that offers a one of a kind experiences with its secluded shores and charming attractions.

Situlpawwa Pilgrimage Tour

Explore the beauty of Situlpawwa during a three-hour tour where you learn and experience the archeological value of the area.

Kataragama Pilgrimage tour and Tele Cinema Village Visit

This half day visit to picturesque Kataragama will include explorations of the Yatala Temple, Kiri Vehara and Tissa Temple. You can witness locals engaging in cultural rituals and prayers during this visit.

In addition, you can also visit the Ranminithenna Tele Cinema Village during the visit.