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Offering a fulfilling experience to our customers has always been our priority. Our 25 years in the business has allowed us to offer memorable journeys to both local and international clients.

    star rating  Our driver/guide did everything to make this a smooth and enjoyable experience for us. He went above and beyond when we didn’t have any cash on us and the card... read more

    February 5, 2023

    star rating  We went with a really nice driver the ajith safari found us.
    Recommend to do only half visit. Is more than enough.

    January 18, 2023

    star rating  An absolutely breathtaking experience across Yala National Park with Ajith. Had my first ever leopard sighting, not only 1 but 2!!! courtesy of his exceptional tracking and knowledge of the... read more

    January 16, 2023

    star rating  Ajith and his team were so helpful and very professional. They explained everything up front and were punctual and attentive. We had our eyes out for all the big animals,... read more

    January 15, 2023

    star rating  We did the safari in Yala with Ajith and saw leopards, crocodiles, lots of birds, elephant and much more, the service from the company was amazing, and the staff were... read more

    January 15, 2023

    star rating  We did a fullfay Safari at yala national Park.
    IT was very nice. We saw a lot of animals and our Highlight was seeing a bear!
    On 12 we got... read more

    August 13, 2022

    star rating  The safari experience was just wonderful! We had lucky to see 2 leopard sightings. Our guide really gave us a memorable experience. Vehicles are extremely clean comfortable and best in... read more

    July 14, 2022

    star rating  Ajith safari was the perfect choice for us. Reliable friendly and fun. They went out his way to help us with anything we needed. Our guide is very informative and... read more

    July 14, 2022

    star rating  Wonderful sightings at Yala had some superb moments. We were lucky to saw one tusker and three leopards and my children were enjoyed well in that day. I recommend Ajith... read more

    hasitha d
    July 14, 2022

    star rating  The guide was good at finding animals but put pressure on me to leave early, after I had paid $180 for the full day, which is a lot of money... read more

    July 13, 2022

    star rating  We spent one full day with our amazing driver Nalake. He was super kind, very considerate and knowledgeable. Also, he respected our wish not to stress the animals by getting... read more

    March 26, 2022

    star rating  Amazing tour! The guide was fantastic and spotted so many animals for us. He explained us everything in a very proper English and also had a book of animals with... read more

    Nadine K
    February 21, 2022

    star rating  We booked three safaris with Ajith Jeep Safaris: Private Full Day Safari in Yala, Private Full Day Safari in Udawalawe, and Private 7 Hour Safari in Bundala. We had a... read more

    February 8, 2022

    star rating  As wildlife tour guides in Alaska, we're very aware that a safari could be hit or miss. We were excited to see the birds, the trees and the gorgeous scenery... read more

    January 24, 2022

    star rating  Yala national park is second in Srilanka. The place is beautiful and greenery is just breathtaking. We started from our stay at 4.30am and reached the entrance. It was very... read more

    December 30, 2021

    star rating  We did 2 safaris with YalaWild, one full day safari in Yala national park and one half day safari in Bundala national park. Both of them where excellent, despite the... read more

    November 30, 2021

    star rating  Anith Safari is undoubtedly one of the very best Safari services in Yala. Sasanka is extremely professional in what they do and provide a wonderful & friendly service. I have... read more

    September 25, 2021

    star rating  We hat a beautiful experience with driver Sakun who did all he Couleur that we were able to see a leopard at least coming nett to our car. We enjoyed... read more

    August 14, 2021

    star rating  Its the largest national park in the country. Famous for leopard sitings. The entrance is towards the south end of the park. There sre other entrances as well. You... read more

    June 7, 2021

    star rating  Our guide is very experienced and patient, always smiling and getting us in a good spot for watching.
    We saw 3 leopards, crocodiles, buffalos, many birds, some spotted deers, a... read more

    December 30, 2020

    star rating  Good safari in Yala park. Sasanka drives safely. We were some of the first jeep to enter in the park at the opening. He has a lot of experience and... read more

    December 28, 2020

    star rating  This was the my first Safari tour in Sri Lanka It was a great experience, exploring the real wild life through mud and dust. Elephants, foxes, birds, deer, crocodiles can... read more

    December 20, 2020

    star rating  We had about 3 hours here on a Jeep safari and really enjoyed it. The jeeps picked us up from our hotel at 2.30pm, the park closes strictly at 6pm.... read more

    September 18, 2020

    star rating  Peaceful surrounding beautiful lake Nice sunset and add to it the excitement of leopard elephant and deer's.For citing a bear you have to more lucky than myself. Highly recommended the... read more

    September 17, 2020

    star rating  We just concluded our safari trip and had a very memorable experience. Our guide and driver Sakur was simply wonderful, kind and a very patient and good driver. He did... read more

    July 3, 2020

    star rating  Amazing park. It wasn't too busy with jeeps either. We saw elephants, leopards, mongooses, wild boar, water buffalo, crocodiles and lots of beautiful birds.

    June 21, 2020

    star rating  Impressed by the professional service offered by Ajith Safaris when they organized our trip to Yala & Bundala National Park last November.We checked several travel agencies and found here the... read more

    May 6, 2020

    star rating  Superb wild life park there are around 300 wild elephants out there. Also jackals deers and endemic reptiles and birds out there. Evenings are the best times for go to... read more

    May 4, 2020

    star rating  The whole experience was fantastic, we saw lots of animals on our trip especially leopards, lots of herds of elephants including baby elephants which were all really close to us... read more

    May 4, 2020

    star rating  First time in that park. We arrived at 6 am. After 1 hour we saw 2 leopards, 3 elephants, many beautiful birds. But the thing is to be with the... read more

    March 31, 2020